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Getting Money Allstars from Texas

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Every so often God blesses artists that comes along who can not only hold their own with the current sound, but can take that sound to a completely different level all on their own.The artists with this power are a rare breed,and in a time when lack of creativity dulls a genre,Getting Money Allstars shines brighter than ever Tony Traylor a.k.a Lodo,Malik Jones a.k.a Lil Deuce,and javodrick Elliott a.k.a Tank,possesses that power to push the entire genre into a higher level.Getting Money Allstars a Hip-Hop group from Tyler,Texas was destined that one day the name was going to be a power image to the music industry.At the tender ages we started to mold ourselves into very diverse artists.As times grew along with our music people started to hear our music we where known for always talking about money and to us where not the best but far from amateur so that's how the name Getting Money Allstars came about.We also had plenty of family support,so with that kept in mind,the persuasion of our own heart,and some important figures in our life,we turned to the music.We developed a love for it at a young age and decided it was a great way to keep our minds busy and focused.Now in our later teens we have begin making music of our own from Hip-Hop/Rap to R&B.Unable to find other people with music connects to take us serious,we took it upon ourselves,with our experience and natural talent,to pave a way for us to make a big impact in the music industry.
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