» Moments In A Life


Moments In A Life

Nostalgia doesn’t suit me, I’m too busy moving on.
But when you get to my age you start to tally what you’ve done.
I won’t be using Facebook to track down my old friends
Don’t want settle any scores or try to make amends.
But these moments in a life are like glass beads on a string
Together they add up, separate they don’t mean a thing.

Who was that tall man. I wonder where he is right now?
And I remember that big party and how we got cleaned up in time somehow.
A gallery of faces, they parade right through my past
And what you thought so timeless then was not destined to last.

The past can be a tricky place. It can take but never give.
I’m careful how I visit it. It’s not somewhere I’d want to live.
But I can’t help looking backwards to see what I’ve achieved
It’s only human to want to add things up and count just what you’ll leave.