» Palm Trees


Palm Trees

He’s a lonely man among other lonely men
Works in heat and sand to make the desert bloom again.
She’s a lowly maid amongst the household’s pots and pans but
She dreams of when she will cook for just one man.

And she dreams of palm trees on a mile of golden beach.
She dreams of palm trees, dates and coconuts in each.
She dreams of palm trees as far as eye can see
Just walking hand in hand, ‘my man and me’.

He tries the internet and dating magazines
‘Decent man seeks mate to share his dream.
Are you the one who wants to share life in Palm Trees?’
She reads it and sees only what she wants to see. ‘Cause she dreams of…

When people want things very badly,
They can convince themselves black is white
But good things can come from people behaving madly
A happy accident can make everything alright.

He sends a ticket so that she can fly to meet him
An encounter in a strange and foreign place
Her excitement mounts ‘cause she’s going to stay in palm trees
But when she gets there the smile soon leaves her face.

Because the house is called Palm Trees, there’s no sea and there’s no sand
She said she wanted palm trees so they’d go walking hand in hand
But she decided to make the best of it she can
So she’s staying there in Palm Trees with her man.