» Every Night


Every Night

Every night – you always want to go out. 
Every night – you want to be with a crowd.
Every night – you want to spend on the town.
Every night - you say the house brings you down.
But I just want to stay inside and hold you in my arms
And spend the time together with no-one else around.
Every night. Every night.

Every day – we have the same sad old fight.
Every day – about what to do every night.
Every day – you want a life that excites.
Every day – you want music and lights.
But I don’t want to fight, because I’m not the fighting type
I want to dim all of the lights and hold you in the quiet.
Every night. Every night.

They say that opposites can attract & different people can find common ground.
So how long are we going to keep up this cat and dog act
Till we decide to share the bone that we both found?

So if you want to go out - every night. And I want to stay inside – every night.
Can we please make peace – and stop this fight?
I don’t want to argue with you - every night
So you can go out without me and be where you want to be but
When you’ve finished won’t you please come home to me?
Every night. Every night.