» Every Shade Of Blue


Every Shade Of Blue

Since you’ve gone my life’s turned every shade of blue,
No reds, yellows or greens or any other kind of hue.
They call me ‘the blue man’ in every thing I do,
Because I exist in every shade of blue.

Every shade of blue, every shade of blue,
From pale blue to deepest violet here without you.
Every shade of blue, every shade of blue,
I run the gamut of blue moods without you.

I wake in the morning and everything’s light blue,
I try to feel optimistic but how can I without you?
Thought we’d live forever in our love cocoon.
Then I remember that it ended much too soon.

They say I’ll recover and find a new lover, I just have to get over you.
People come here with high hopes I’ll go out and meet folks
That’s much easier to say than to do.

The day goes on and I sink into deeper gloom,
After work I come home to my darkened room.
Stars come out at night to dot the indigo
My mood turns again a deeper shade of blue.