» Romantic Warrior


Romantic Warrior

He wants to live, he wants to love, he’s got a plan
He’s got a girl, it’s his crusade to be her man.
Romantic warrior, he’s taking on the world,
Risking everything for the sake of just one girl.

But love’s not easy, it’s much harder than it seems.
He has to fight with every weapon at his means.
Romantic warrior, the struggle’s just begun
Odds are against you, you’re not fighting one to one.

The family is ranged in front of you
Don’t like your looks, your dress, your style
Don’t like the things you do.

The battle’s endless and it doesn’t go to plan
He loses heart, it’s all too much for just one man
Romantic warrior, no-one understands
It’s do or die, it’s strike or fly, the answer’s in your hands.