» The Silent Gap


The Silent Gap

These are not your children now, they have learnt to use their wings
Their flight paths take them far afield, no longer tied to your apron strings
But the silent gap will keep you worried, and the truth will never come to you.
You learn how futile is the asking, ‘cause the silent gap is all you’ll know.

They’re not saying anything, you can ask them all the questions you like.
You can ask them where they’ve been, you can ask where they spent the night.

You speak in riddles to one another, it’s not surprising you can’t understand.
They can’t see why you should ask them, you don’t see why you can’t demand.
But the silent gap prolongs the stalemate and no-one ventures into no-man’s land.

It doesn’t matter what you do, you can rant and rave all night
They don’t pay no mind to you, they’ll make mistakes then get it right