» Like The Pretty Things


The first of the real patron saints of dysfunction on the album, the original hip losers, the Pretty Things. I always loved them for their outlaw stance (check out all those moody and sullen yet dandified shots from the 60s!) and still listen to them regularly. I thought I’d cop the groove from Rosalyn but it turned into a rockabilly rhythm. Absolutely fiendish to play for any length of time! I do play it alone but, on the sessions, my fingers were so tired that I relaxed my own rule of playing rhythm guitar and let Tristan do it. Even he struggled! But he did a great job. That’s him screaming in the middle, by the way. I’m far too polite to do that – anyway my voice is too weedy. The name checks in the break are the names of the original (and still the best) incarnation of the Pretties – as we devotees call them.