» ‘Radio Stranger’


There’s a “Radio Stranger” coming over the air, oh oh

When the dial lights up, he whispers in my ear, oh oh

And every night at 11.45, he brings his radio smile to my lonely life

And I really look forward to these one-way conversations.

He’s a “Radio Stranger”, a “Radio Stranger”, a “Radio Stranger”

But he’s no stranger to my radio.


He’s the king of lost souls through the lonely night, oh oh

And he shares our troubles by the dim red light, oh oh

He speaks every night to the lonely hearts

And tries to put them in touch with better halves

He even told us once about his own separation.           


Hey! “Radio Stranger” won’t you play me something sweet and low,

A melody to linger in the air when you’re gone. But the feeling still hangs on

And I can’t spend the rest of the night with me.


Hey! “Radio Stranger” with your radio smile, oh oh

I shouldn’t be talking to you, I should have run a mile, oh oh

But I wanted to ring and tell you how I feel

About these cheap emotions that you peddle as real

If it hadn’t been for you I might have found the real thing for myself.

 ‘ Cause he’s a” Radio Stranger” etc. And he’s a stranger to my radio.