» Don’t Go With Him

You’re beautiful in your silky gown 

With your shoulders bare and your hair let down.

You’re beautiful in your dancing shoes. 

If I went tonight, you’re the one I’d choose.

Don’t go with him, stay here with me, 

I’d dance with you, on tiptoe, you would see.


You’re beautiful in your purple dress. 

With your earrings on, you’re a princess.

You put your lipstick on and your perfume. 

The smell’s so sweet, it fills the room.

Don’t go with him, you’ll cry again. 

You’ll wait alone, he’ll drink with the men.


If I was big enough, I’d take you out tonight.

We’d dance round and round, in soft candlelight.

Music would carry us, you would be the belle,

Instead of just a young boy, I would be your swell.


You’re beautiful, as you start to leave: 

Your beaded bag and arm through his sleeve.

You’re beautiful, by the dashboard light: 

A secret smile and your eyes are bright.

Don’t go with him, we’d have some fun. 

But I must stay here, dutiful son.


Some kind of Galahad I must be! 

Just bite my knuckles as I watch TV.

The evening goes while I sit and wait. 

Then listen through my door to hear that you’re ok.


You’re beautiful.