» I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl


This song is one of my favorites!  I especially love the guitar solo by Doug Wamble.  The CD is Chronicles of a Butterfly, and the personnel on this track includes Mulgrew Miller, piano; Doug Wamble, guitar; Neal Caine, bass.  The recording was made live and produced by Branford Marsalis.


Chronicles of a Butterfly is a suite about transformation --
artistry come to fruition, participants transformed. Lenora
has conceived the stages of avoidance, distraction,
withdrawal and eventual connection, maturity and
positioning in society as a succession of lovely jazz
performances. Each of her renditions of standards and
originals, recorded in live small group settings (without
drums!) give voice, swing, style and substance to her
concept, though each is enjoyable in itself. To be able to
bring this off is the mark of a thorough, thoughtful artist, in
this case a woman who has mastered her art and gathered
the right company to realize her vision.

Howard Mandel
from the liner notes of Chronicles of a Butterfly