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Preach from Florida Gainesville Jacksonville

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BIO: Kenny "Preach" Cash did not choose music music chose Kenny "Preach" Cash. Music is the inspiration that interrupts Preach's dreams and wakes him to a sweet reality. And life without music for Preach simply isn't life. Raised in a musical family the Jacksonville Florida native is an accomplished writer arranger and composer but most importantly he is an artist who takes his gift very seriously and firmly believes that music and musicians have an obligation to not only entertain but to also enlighten educate and elevate. Told since he was a youth that he was born to preach because of his cadence and delivery one does not have to wonder how Preach came up with his chosen moniker. And while music may not have been the intended purpose for the prophecy his inability to stay away from the melody and belief that "preaching" comes in many different forms ultimately sealed his fate and placed him on the path to success. Preach launched his music career on the Atlanta Georgia music scene where he made important contacts and accumulated valuable knowledge about the music industry artistry and showmanship and has recently returned to Duval County to participate in the rapidly growing and burgeoning independent artist community. Preach is currently working on his debut album "Push the Envelope" as well as "The Collection Plate 2 The Second Offering" Mixtape the follow-up to his "The Collection Plate" Mixtape. His aptly titled single "TICK TOK" from "The Collection Plate" is a certified club hit that receives comfortable spins in venues and clubs throughout the Southeast. The first time he heard Music playing for partygoers was an especially memorable and humbling experience for Preach due in part to the fact that he was neither in the venue nor the same city at the time. An acquaintance heard the song called Preach and allowed him to listen via their phone and as the crowd recited the words to his song Preach received further confirmation that he was doing what was he was born to do. With inspirations from everywhere and everyone from Outkast to Sade to The Winans Preach's style of music is as eclectic as it is relatable with topics that range from life on the streets to songs about relationships to songs about his relationship with God. Preach has worked with some of the most gifted producers beatmakers and DJ's from coast to coast including but not limited to I.D. LABS Johhny Juliano Vybe Beatz BTP and DJ Mouse of the BeastMode DJ's. There's something for everyone in Preach's music which is exactly how he wants it as his goal is to reach all people regardless of their stations in life. Often compared to Cee Lo Green of Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley fame Preach is honored by the comparison and aims to be an artist that other artists are compared to. Besides his artistic ability Preach is an astute and wise businessman who treats himself like a business and understands that as an artist he is his own commodity and will not allow a subpar product to hit the market. An accumulation of life experience spiritual soundness business savvy and raw and uncut talent make up the sum total of Preach and it's only a matter of time before the world receives the offering from his collection plate....
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