» Oh No



Oh No
In the cold of the night
when it's too dark to see
With no questions to answer
'cept the ones inside me
... I'm afraid of tomorrow,
Yet I wait for the day
In the midst of my sorrow mits
I can hear what you say
Oh no, oh no, oh no
Is it part of my dream
I remember a time
Far from this solitude
No despair and no misery
And a whole different mood and the hole
There's a face in the mirror
That i don't recognise
Is this voice in my head
Simply telling me lies ssssss

Oh No etc
Are we turning away
From what we really are
Do we fall from the Earth
As we reach for a star
We appear much too clever
When we really don't know
Is the world getting smaller
As we're trying to grow
Oh no oh no
Is it part of my dream



Mitch Hiller