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Jahmings Maccow from California Los Angeles

Artist History

Anguillian reggae guitarist/singer/songwriter Jahmings Maccow.has rose from the quiet island of Anguilla, to the ruff ghettos of South Bronx, to become one of New York City tuffest reggae acts during the 80's, with bands like Catch-A-Fire and The Enforcers. Since that time Jahmings Maccow has branched out from Catch-A-Fire and The Enforcers bands to become more of a Rhythm & Blues, Rock Guitar Player and a more polished Songwriter.


Quote: From Theglobalmuse.com This is probably some of the smoothest and soulful reggae music that I've heard in a long time.

Press Release!

MUSICIAN/Singer/Songwriter Jahmings Maccow CD was released on August 10, 1999 on his own label, Liquid Cyber Records, including the new songs: Pay The Price, Check Me Out, Why and I Miss De Morning Star. The CD contains all original materials written by Jahmings Maccow except Isn't This Love written by Paul Henton & Jahmings Maccow. Since the release of his last single titled Yesterday by Buddy Raye on the Hollywood Sessions Album, Jahmings has been spending time writing, touring and putting together his studio in The San Fernando Valley, California, where most of the rhythm tracks on this CD were done. The editing, over dubs and mastering, was done at Two Guys From the Valley Recording Studios. The New Way CD was recorded over a period of thirteen to fifteen months from the winter of 1997 to the spring of 1999. Jahmings, who does vocals, rhythm, lead, acoustic and bass guitars, keyboards and drums programming, is joined on the CD by Paul Henton (bass, keyboards and drums programming), Cesar Garcia (sax), Michael Bolger (trumpet), Maria Paul (violin), Carolyn Tenore (background vocals) and Tita Hutchison (background vocals). The production was done by Jahmings Maccow with engineering done by Michael Wallace and Paul Henton. Pre-production engineering was done by Jahmings Maccow and Paul Henton.

Magazines and Onlinezines Reviews Of Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif, New Way CD Release By: ;(1999 Liquid Cyber Recordings)!

Reggae-Vibes, Black Hole Magazine, THEGLOBALMUSE.COM and More...

Quote: From Street Beat Magazine!

 Far be it from me to call myself a know-it-all, and when it comes to reggae, well, it's probably a category on Jeopardy where I wouldn't win too much cash. Yet there's something calming about that reggae beat, the chinking of the guitar chords on the 2 and the 4, that just relaxes you. Jahmings Maccow, who has been around in various shades and forms since the late 70s, offers a disc that isn't full-blown reggae either, with some R&B, jazz, even hip-hop inflections and nuances, all popping up here and there.

Jahmings Maccow Blog
"I" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: disturbed3003 POSTED ON: 02 Oct 2011 02:56 PM

Talented guitarist/vocalist, Jahmings Maccow, presents a breathtaking collection of Reggae/Blues music on the album, “I.” Maccow is highly creative and his music is not only interesting but reaches well beyond its Reggae roots. The song, “Horizon Train,” weaves a reflective, laid back feel as the touching vocals draws you in with its honest and soulful appeal. Taking on a Bluesy texture, “Passing Through,” shimmers with insightful vocals, soulful guitar and organ, and a stirring walking bass riff. The title track, “I,” is a relaxed orchestrated song with strong poetic lyrics. After listening to this wonderful album, you will find Maccow has created an album brimming with profound words of life’s trials and tribulations and these words will seep into your soul. Fans of Reggae /Blues music will really enjoy the excellent songs on the CD, “I.”

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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New Blast! Jahmings Maccow: "I"
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 18 Sep 2011 10:22 PM

  Jahmings Maccow: "I"
Jahmings Maccow is taking reggae music back to its roots by focusing on its foundation, storytelling. Stories about life, love, and the social ills of the world, backed by soulful music, seep into your eardrums and touch your heart and soul.

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