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benknighten from Colorado Colorado Springs
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Ben Knighten is an acoustic folk songwriter from Colorado Springs. His music has been described as "addictive, & upbeat, complete with passionate & powerful subject matter" and "a nice wedding of restraint on the part of the instruments and intensity in the singing that never fails to please the ears and bring out the meaning of the songs." He recently released his second full length studio album entitled “Keep the Sky.” His music has been met with rave reviews and his albums have been awarded “Pick of the Week” by muzikreviews.com on 2 occasions and “Pick of the Month” by indieshark.com. Additional information can be found at www.benknightenmusic.com.


benknighten Blog
  Keep the Sky
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 02 May 2012 09:23 AM

Ben Knighten releases another wonderful Folk album, “Keep the Sky.” This CD is comprised of thought provoking melodies that will surely please you heart and soul as it reaches well beyond its acoustic Folk roots. As you listen to this CD you will find Knighten has a charming voice that is complemented by acoustic instruments. The title track, “Keep the Sky,” will melt its way into your heart as Knighten sings with a passionate and relaxed tonality. Another song, “Better Place,” has a smooth, delightful groove with expressive vocals and moving instrumentation. “Let Go” is a song that has a fun, bouncy rhythm and a warm and inviting tone.  If you are a fan of Dave Matthews then you will thoroughly enjoy the delectable Folk songs on the spectacular album, “Keep the Sky.”

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