Digital CD Store Setup Page

The Digital CD Store at is a great place for RadioINDY GOLD Artists to sell traditional CD's, CD downloads and single-song downloads.   Here are the basic features of our program (instructions for signing up follow):

P Sell singles in MP3 format
P Offer streamed previews of your tracks
P Allow fans to post album reviews
P Sell CD's, cassettes, t-shirts and other merchandise
P Accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, check, money order, or PayPal
P Accept payments online, by toll-free phone, fax, or mail
P Directly link to your RadioINDY Artist page from any other internet site

Features: All Digital CD Stores include (1) your CD listed on our GOLD Artist CD Pages (2) A personalized CD Store with your CD's / songs exclusively.  You will receive a custom URL which you can link to directly from your own websites to sell your music from anywhere  (See Example)  (3) Option to sell traditional CD's (4) Setup includes single-song downloads so you can sell individual songs! (5) Reviews by fans appear on your store page (6) 30-second clips of all songs included on the store page; the link to your RadioIndy artist page lets your fans listen to a few full songs as well to entice them to buy downloads.

How do I get paid? Artists keep 51% of all traditional CD and Download sales.  You can price single-song downloads anywhere from 75 cents (minimum) on up.  We recommend 75 cents to sell more! Traditional CD's can be priced from $5.99 (minimum) on up - We Recommend $9.99.  We keep records of your traditional CD sales and any download sales.  When you accumulate $20 or more in earnings, you get paid!  (once per month max)  We typically pay you via email (PayPal) with instant online checks so there is no delay for you in getting paid.

What do you need to setup my store?  Please send 2 master quality audio CDs and artwork for the CDs, which you can send with the physical copy of the CDs or as digital files.  If you would like to sell traditional CDs, please send at least 2 shrink-wrapped CDs for inventory  There is no extra cost to setup both traditional AND download sales on your store. It typically takes 1 week or so to get everything setup and rolling.

Fees:  Setup fee for selling both traditional CD's AND Downloads is only $20! (limited time offer)  We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

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