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Artist History

chris wind (http://www.chriswind.com) -

-has an Associate Diploma in Piano (A.Mus.) from the Western Ontario Conservatory of Music and an Associate Diploma in Composition (A.R.C.T.) from the Royal Conservatory of Music

-has received concert performance in Toronto, Montreal, North Bay, and Guelph, most notably by saxophonist Paul Brodie

-has received international airplay; The Art of Juxtaposition was judged #11 on CKLN’s Top 30 for 1988

-has been included in several anthologies (Fobia, Spain; No Dub, Seattle; EBU’s Xmas Compilation, West Germany; Best of Fool’s Paradise, Belgium; Gajoob Samplers #1 and #8, Salt Lake City; Colere Unus, Alberta; Art Radio International, Montreal; Missing Link Music Sampler II, Seattle; Tapeworms #10, Dayton; The Ontario Electronic Tape Project, Ontario)

-has presented papers at the Canadian Electroacoustic Community conferences in Montreal (May87) and Toronto (Sep88) and published articles in Musicworks and Contact!

-was featured in Canadian Composer (Spring 92 issue)
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