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ebbandflow from Spain

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"The Mask" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 30 Mar 2008 12:56 PM
"The Mask" by Ebbandflow is an experimental progressive rock album brought to you by eight fine musicians. This album is an array of sounds presented in an array of styles. There is a strong Middle Eastern influence present throughout the album, but you could say it is jazzy, ambient rock for the most part. The arrangements are lively, well-layered and complete, with great musicianship. One standout track is "Through all This Rain". It opens with some soothing sax and explodes into a big rock number. "I Need You" exhibits the greatest eastern influence, with nice tabla and devious guitar work. "The Mask Part 3" is ambient and airy and features a strong vocal performance. If you like Pink Floyd or Dead Can Dance, you will like this one.
-William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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POSTED BY: ebbandflow POSTED ON: 11 Mar 2008 03:58 AM
Band Members:

Edna Sey - Lead Vocals

Marc Parareda - Guitar and Chapman Stick

Enric Puigdesens - Bass and Background Vocals

Albert Bartolomé - Alto and soprano sax

Jimmy Grau - Guitar

Anna Miralpeix - Keys

Toni Serrat - Drums, tabla and percussion

Carme Silva - Background Vocals

"ebbandflow" comes from the English expression ebb and flow, denoting both the course of water as it flows among the pebbles it encounters in its path, as well as the rise and fall of the tides and the movement of ocean waters. ebbandflow reflects the flow of water, in short, the impermanence and natural change which touches everything: life, ourselves and our music. ebbandflow could be understood as a principle of harmony, but it also implies inexorable change.

After a year of work, the band decided at the end of 2005 that there were ready to record the new songs theyd composed during 2005. The new ebbandflow CD was completed at the end of February 2006, and was produced at the studios of Michael Records in Figueres. This work reveals the current slant of the Barcelona group, and forms a collection of the most recent songs under the title of The Mask, which is also one of the most representative pieces of ebbandflow.

In their live performances, the seven musicians surprise and captivate the audience from the first to last song in a repertoire that has been strengthened on every step their journey. Music and lyric permeate the air in ever unfolding waves, and transport the listeners to a world where the spirit resounds, awakening in all an unsuspected, dynamic and vibrant awareness.

Musical surprises capture the audience, and extend an invitation to join the band on a musical adventure. The utilization of exotic instruments such as the Indian tablas and the stick arrests your attention and fills your ears to brimming with the sonority unique to ebbandflow.

By uniting all of their skills, the seven musicians communicate in a musical language created via diverse styles. Through a great unleashing of sounds and voices, ebbandflow reveals a quality of musicianship, an elegance of form, and a capacity to create attractive and characteristic sonorous environments.

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