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eric terrell from South Carolina Columbia

Artist History

The Past: I was born Eric Terrell Ferguson on October 10, 1976 in Rochester NY. At the early age of 3, my family moved to Cross , SC - the place I call my home. At age 6, I began to sing, and at age 9, I began to play the trumpet. This was the start of my love for music. I continued my growth in music throughout high school and college at the Univ. of South Carolina. While in college, I performed in many talent showcases, weddings, and competitions in efforts to hone my skills. After college, I have continued to perform in efforts to get my sound heard. My Style: My style is love. I want to express through my gift of song how relationships between couples go through the highs and lows. The Future: My goal is to be mentioned in the same breathe with the great R&B vocalist of all times when my days of performing are over. I want to spark conversation that deal with the joys and pains of love. Who am I?? Emotional..Romantic..Intense & Comforting.... Simply put... Eric Terrell
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to my fans
POSTED BY: eric terrell POSTED ON: 11 Mar 2012 08:43 PM
check out my song the answer to cater

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