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If Dave Stewart & Brian May were left to baby sit dUg Pinnick's & Ty Tabor's children - with their friend's from Abba - and they all happened to be watching a Prince music video, directed by John Hughes, on late 1984 music television - while talking on the phone to Bryan Adams as he was humming "Your Love" by The Outfield inside a brick house, on electric avenue, in the middle of the street, time after time, in a land down under - I think you see where we are going with this...

Using music as their vehicle, musician Rikk Currence & singer Holly Joy drive recklessly down radio friendly, musical highways in their pursuit of accessible artistic expression. Wherever they stop, be it upon simple pop melodies or dramatic musical arrangements, the two have a gift for marrying music & lyrics that convey their emotional, physical & spiritual struggles in a fashion that everyone understands and relates to. At its core, JoyFocus and its music are about the suburban family experience and all the things positive and negative that stem from a life in the American middle class.

Since the band’s debut in late 2001, they have been both a commercial and critical success, garnering a host of loyal fans as well as a myriad of kind words and acclaim from music press in both America & Europe alike. With three (3) independent albums and seven (7) featured singles on six (6) different international releases, the band is working hard to become a household name. Melding big drums, catchy synths, loud guitars & huge vocals into one big audio calling card, JoyFocus has notched out a unique yet identifiable sound -setting them apart in the current sea of “me too” musical acts.

JoyFocus is on a journey. Its destination is to express what Rikk & Holly live & feel every day and to share their hope that the author of their faith has a plan for every little piece of this big broken puzzle we call life. Kid tested & mother approved - this band is not only here to stay - but rolling out the welcome wagon for anyone & everyone within ear shot to join the ride.