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RadioIndy.com Artist Newsletter - September 2005

Every now and again we give you an update on what's happing on RadioIndy.com, special opportunities for our Gold Artists, and request special music from you.  We plan to do this more regularly in the coming months than we have in the past.  So here's our latest newsletter.

What has RadioIndy.com been up to lately?
RadioIndy.com provides bands/artists the opportunity to be heard by new listeners and industry pros.  Unlike other indie music sites, we focus on identifying and categorizing the best indie music and presenting it to new listeners on RadioIndy.com, and on our growing network of web sites who use our Hyperlink Music StationsTM to enhance their web site and customer e-mails.  Although we don't pay a royalty to bands for the plays, our music network gives bands exposure to new listeners who can learn more about the band on RadioIndy.com.  This allows RadioIndy.com and our network web sites to legally, inexpensively, and easily include great music, and gives bands exposure to new listeners who would have never heard their music otherwise.  It's a win-win!

Holiday music wanted!
In the coming weeks we will be running major ad campaigns promoting our holiday music stream.  If you have good, original holiday songs or cover versions of classic holiday songs whose copyrights have expired, that are not yet uploaded to RadioIndy.com, and if you would like exposure to new listeners, please upload your holiday songs to your RadioIndy.com account. 

We also are looking for funny songs, scary songs, kids songs, and songs with a tropical theme/feel.  If you are a Gold Artist and have reached your maximum of 3 free songs, just e-mail us a request to upload holiday song(s) and we will allow you to add more songs.  Don't have an original holiday song yet?  There's still time to write and record one, and upload it to your RadioIndy.com account.   Don't miss this great opportunity to find new fans for your music, upload your holiday music today.

RadioIndy.com artists continue to impress industry pro Dale Kawashima.
RadioIndy.com continues to find new ways to get its Gold Artist music heard by industry pros.  We teamed up with long time industry pro Dale Kawashima to get Dale's attention on our Gold Artist music.  As a result, several RadioIndy.com artists have received awards on Dale's web sites singeruniverse.com or songwriteruniverse.com (SEE RIGHT-HAND COLUMN) in the past few months.  We'd like to congratulate all these Radioindy GOLD Artists!

Want Dale to check out your music?  If you sign up as a paying subscribing Gold Artist (see article below) within the next week, we will submit one of your songs into Dale's monthly best songwriting or singer contest, to assure you Dale listens to your music, at no cost to you ($12 value)! 
Want a pro review of your music by Dale?  Just fill out the simple form
Here and we'll have Dale contact you.

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Tip of the month - Use your own Hyperlink Music StationTM to enhance your web site and e-mail for free!
Want a custom music station of only your music?  Just contact us (support@radioindy.com) and we will create a custom station of your music.  By adding a simple hyperlink to your web site or e-mail your visitors can listen to all of your RadioIndy.com songs in one station.  Add this hyperlink as part of your e-mail signature so any time you send an e-mail, your reader can simply click a link in your e-mail and automatically listen to your artist.  Want to support other RadioIndy.com artists as well?  Add one of our Hyperlink Music StationsTM that includes your music and the music of other RadioIndy.com Gold Artists to your web site.  By working together we are changing the way that new music gets to listeners.  Contact us (support@radioindy.com) for more information.

Get your music onto RadioIndy.com and get your music heard?
Your music is excellent, but to get large numbers of fans you need to maximize your exposure to new listeners who enjoy your genre of music.  This is precisely the formula of big labels, who find talented artists and promote them to huge numbers of fans.  Therefore, every month we bring over 1000 new listeners to check out our pre-screened Gold Artist music stations, and we have a growing network of affiliate web sites that include our Gold Artist music. 
We are pleased to see our website traffic continue to surge.  Over the last month or so, we averaged 17,000 to 22,000 page view per day!  Plus, RadioIndy.com Gold Artist status gives your music a quality seal of approval to new listeners and industry pros.   So if you have not yet uploaded music for us to check out, don't wait any longer. Just log onto your RadioIndy.com account (Click Here) and use the add songs option.  Forgot your log in information?  Just contact us at support@radioindy.com, and we'll send it to you.

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Want more exposure on RadioIndy.com and our affiliate web site network?
Want more exposure to new listeners?  RadioIndy.com offers two very affordable and TOTALLY OPTIONAL subscription plans for Gold Artists who want to maximize their exposure to our listeners.  You get more music on our music streams, and you are featured much more on many of our pages, including our listener page.  Furthermore, as a paying subscribing Gold Artist, you can sell digital downloads of your CD at our digital download store.  Our subscription levels start as low as $9.95/month, or even free when you sell just 1 digital CD per month (we keep just a $1 transaction fee per CD download after the first CD download you sell each month). For more info, Click here

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Radioindy Gold Artist Recent Song Contest Winners picked by industry pro Dale Kawashima:

Listen To All Songs Now!

"Just To See You There". Performed & written by Marlena Randall of Riverside, CA. Produced by Josquin Des Pres of Track Star Studios, San Diego, CA.

"It Won't Be Me" (pop/rock). Written & performed by Marlena Randall of Riverside, CA. Produced by Josquin Des Pres of Track Star Studios, San Diego, CA.

"Someone, Someway, Somewhere" (country). Written and performed by Luke Stevenson of Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

"The Sweetest Possibility" (country). Performed and written by Luke Stevenson of Lake Tahoe, NV.

"Never Came Back". Written and performed by Brad Byrd of Rockport, MA.

"Crazy Like This". Written by Henrik "Hylle" Nielsen of Odense, Denmark.

"Fall Down". Written by Shawn Michael Bitz of Abby SomeOne, Black Hills, South Dakota. Performed by Abby SomeOne.

"Shine Down On Me" (rock). Written and performed by in.spite.of (Davin Alson, Joe Maranzani, Raj Narayanan, Jeff Milstein) of Marlboro, NJ.

"Thank God For You (thank God for me)" (country). Written and performed by Dennis Davison of Whetstone, Arizona.

"Day To Live". Written & performed by Jennifer Daniels of Chattanooga, TN.

"If You Gotta Ask" (pop/rock). Written by Liquid Blue (Hobbs/New/Stephens) of San Diego CA. Performed by Liquid Blue.

"Still Waiting" (AC/pop). Performed by Jennifer Cockman of McLeansville, NC. Written by Evan Richey & Ned Farr.

"Leave Me Alone". Performed by Ayme Sanchez of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Written by Ayme Sanchez & Tom Cangemi.

"Find Me". Performed by Ayme Sanchez of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Written by Ayme Sanchez & Tom Cangemi.

"Nothin' Like A Good Rain" (country). Performed by DeAnn Sanders of Hammond, IN. Written by Bob Dellaposta & Sherry Garland of Nashville, TN.

"Blame God Instead". Performed & written by Alex Bach of West Palm Beach, FL.