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Achim Schultz/Overtwenty from Germany

Artist History

 My new album ''Think Big'' ''Think Big'' is actually my 10th album, but on the other hand only the 2nd, which was published. This time all songs, except ''Walls and Bridges'', are composed by myself, and recorded in my studio. Composer and singer of the song ''Walls and Bridges'' is Günther Pekruhl. This song was also recorded at my studio, where as I played in the bass later, after some bass riffs occurred to myself.Also Sandrina Sedona at tracks with her beautiful, voluminous and professional Voice attention, attending trough the album.Obviously, the cover wasn't painted this time by Klaus Voormann, but by the second Beatles-Anthology-drawer, Alfons Kiefer.My Höfner bass, on which I'm placed as a miniature me on the cover, symbolizes ''Think Big''.Without criticizing anything or anyone, this expression stands in my perception for more tolerance, more love, more honesty, more regard, more freedom and peace and no abuse of power anymore. For the latter, John Lennon fighted for.Therefore I sing in ''Give Peace A Chance'' in John's mind, ''40 years has past and nothing has changed...'',Achim produced a video film to this song with spectacular film parts of Greenpeace Hamburg Germany in March 2008. A grate treat was given to me as Thomas Jordan of the Karl Höfner GmbH factory , who's not only sales chief but also worldwide counsellor of celebrities, ensured me fully technical support.A great contribution to my album, were the skills of sound engineer Hanno Stratmann and Christoph Stickel of MSM studios, Munich who performed the end mastering.I also have to mansion my friend Jolly Goodfellow, from the Beatles '' LOVE'' show at the mirage, Las Vegas. He was very sad, as he told me in Vegas, that Paul McCartney's part was bigger in the show, so his performance with ''Fool on The Hill'' had to yield, although he celebrated much success with it. He was exuberantly happy, when I told him that I wrote him a song (''Jolly Goodfellow'') the album will be available in usual ways, after scrutinise byBroadcast. If the album pleases, I would be very grateful when it would be recommended!  Thank you very much, keep on rocking and have fun!   Achim Schultz

Achim Schultz/Overtwenty Blog
“Think Big” Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 16 Apr 2008 08:34 PM
“Think Big” by Achim Schultz's band Over Twenty is filled with catchy British pop/adult classic rock songs. One of the highlights of the CDs is the songwriting, which provides memorable choruses and song themes. The lead vocals on this CD are clear and understandable with good pitch, and the backing vocals add pleasant harmonies and an efffective depth to the tracks. The production provides a nice balance of vocal and instrumental presentation and a refreshing retro 60s-70s rock sound. The obviously high level of talent and experience of both the vocalists and the band is clear on the CD. The variety in tempo of music is refreshing. The change in tempo with “Good Night Evelyn” is appropriately placed and gives balance at the perfect time in this CD. "Think Big," the title track, is a hook-filled number that builds nicely using harmonies and instrumentation, with a catchy chorus that includes an effective whispering backing vocal hook. "Rock and Roll Time" is a catchy up-beat number that is appropriately titled and has a groove that will have you dancing. This CD is full of good energy and excellent songwriting that will be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys rock bands of the 60s and 70s such as the Beatles or the Kinks.
-Lea and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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