We are always looking for new, talented indie and lesser-known musicians to include on our radio streams!  Gold artist not only get airplay on our internet radio streams, they get an artist page that streams their music, links to their web site, front page promotion, and optionally can set up a digital store.  The artist page can be linked from anywhere.
To be considered for our radio stream:
Create a new account by clicking here.  Then upload up to 3 songs/15 megs of music and we will review it.  If it qualifies as gold music, we will include it in our radio streams.  If not, we will remove it from our site.

There is no fee to have us check out your music.  Just upload it to our site and we will check it out.  If you have more questions, please contact Support@RadioIndy.com.

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Hi-Fi Radio Streams

Big-Name Artists Linked to you Music!

Sell Single Song Downloads

Sell CD Downloads

Access your Artist Pages and CD/Song Download Store from anywhere

Possible inclusion in our GOLD Artist Radio

Customized 1-click email Song Stream Promotions

Gold Artists get Featured on our Front-page occasionally




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