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patkillian from New York Long Island

Artist History

    Pat has been playing music nearly his whole life.  He played covers at gigs and parties in college, but left music for law for twenty-five years.  At the age of 50, Pat discovered a talent and passion for writing songs and lyrics.  He started playing gigs again around Long Island and received a good reception for his music.  So, he hooked up with a guy in Nashville, Steve Engel, who set up a dream recording session for him with some incredibly cool musicians.  The result is Salt Water, a CD comprised of 8 of Pat's original songs. 

    Salt Water cuts across a few different genres.  It has blues, jazz, folk, country and pop influences.  Pat enjoys most kinds of music, and insists that the stuff he doesn't like isn't really music.   

    If you hear Pat live, don't expect him to sound like the CD.  The CD features 11 different instruments mostly acoustic (not counting percussion), although Pat couldn't resist the temptation to include the Hammond B-3 in the studio on a couple of the songs.  It will be him either solo with his guitar or with a few of his incredibly talented friends. 

    Pat lives in Stony Brook, New York with his wife of 33 years, Stefani Scott.  The Salt Water cut on the CD is for her and about her.  Pat is rearranging his life in order to make more time to pursue writing and playing interests.  He is looking forward to producing his next project in the not too distant future

patkillian Blog
Review of "Salt Water" by Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: xavierpersad POSTED ON: 27 Feb 2008 08:53 PM
Pat Killian’s “Salt Water” is an engaging eclectic collection of adult contemporary, acoustic, blues, and jazz tunes. Well-written, soul-searching lyrics grip listeners with a tight grasp. Pat opens the pages of his life for all to read on the compelling blues track entitled “Daddy’s Blues.” “Better Life” is another example of this CD’s honest, heart-felt lyrics, tackling the internal struggle of making sense of the loss of loved ones. Comforting acoustic guitar arrangements accentuated by skillfully placed piano and light percussion give these songs a sound that is purely addictive. What’s more, Pat’s voice rings with a deep sense of serenity, emphasized by his smooth, emotional tone mixed with a delightful dose of oldies-vibe. Wrapping up this package is production that strikes an excellent balance between instrumentation and vocals. Fans of Gordon Lightfoot will accept Pat Killian with open arms!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com
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