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razorX from California

Artist History

Our concerns are for the environment and to help free up enough thinking
that more people may be a bit more consious of the magnitude humanity has
reached, and trends that we continue in denial of the bottom line. Other
than all that we are a few californians and a texan having fun with music.
razorX Blog
welcome back
POSTED BY: cichlidfish POSTED ON: 15 Mar 2010 09:12 AM
hey the nice folks here opened our page back up, will have new content this year.

credit due
POSTED BY: cichlidfish POSTED ON: 10 Sep 2004 10:50 PM
thanks... http://www.frenzyart.com/frenzy_art_home.htm

POSTED BY: cichlidfish POSTED ON: 15 Sep 2004 10:34 AM

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