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stanleylucasrevolution from California Los Angeles

Artist History

It's all been a bit vague until now. Well, there are still plenty of unanswered questions, but the dirt on terminally ill singer/songwriter Stanley Lucas has come above ground. Loaded on meds and living or dying somewhere in upstate New York, though some say Lucas is in Mexico where there is an ample supply of affordable pain medication, Lucas continues to add to his catalogue of 100 + songs. The collections of sonic memoirs recalling Dylan, Bowie, and other great musical storytellers is delivered intentionally in lo-fi fashion and was originally made available on Lucas' website for the world to hear his last wish. Stanley Lucas was raised in various parts of California and bounced around the globe until he was diagnosed with a terminal illness still unknown to the score of doctors who have hooked Lucas up to every life-saving machine in existence. When Lucas was diagnosed, the only machine he was hooked up to was a busted up four-track recorder. Lucas spent his youth in various schools and institutions, causing trouble and making music. Clearly an under achiever, Lucas' parents, a rocket engineer formerly employed by NASA, and a musician painter, sent Lucas to prestigious East Coast boarding schools, where he was quickly thrown out of for such horrific acts as concocting a homemade bomb to having relations with the headmaster's daughter. Following the expulsion, Lucas found himself in the East Village busking in the dirty streets and socializing with the artist elite as well as the strung out Village derelicts. With his four-track and guitar, Lucas squatted in an abandoned basement loft in Alphabet City, where a massive drug addiction ensued. A famous New York musician, who has asked to remain anonymous, bought Lucas' talents; "his astounding ability for songwriting and melody." But the best thing the fan bought Stanley Lucas was a one-way ticket back to California where he checked into rehab. A year later, a clean Stanley Lucas with his guitar and four track flew out of LAX back to NYC, though those who know him say he was headed to France. France? New York City? Stanley Lucas was found unconscious on a beach in Virginia. He claims not to remember how he got there. He was hospitalized for chest pains, which in turn resulted in Lucas' unknown illness. After a three and a half year shuffle in and out of hospitals, Lucas' parents gave up on him blaming his former drug addictions for his current physical and emotional being. The illness doesn't allow Stanley to travel and rarely does he leave the house due to a horrific case of anxiety and occasional derangement. The anonymous New York musician landed Lucas a deal with a major label but Lucas declined displaying his disgust with the industry and "Corporate America" by defecating in a CD pouch and sending it to the label's A&R man. Some say Lucas has spent his entire life shooting himself in the foot. Both feet to be exact. All for the sake of his music. His traumatic yet courageous life has made way for some of the most beautiful and suicidal musical masterpieces of today. Unfortunately, since his seclusion, Lucas has threatened to make his entire collection available only via his website. Always one step ahead and fully aware of today's downloaders, Lucas knows exactly how to deliver the goods, even if they're a bit damaged! After protracted negotiations with representatives of Lucas the Stroboscopic label acquired the rights to the existing stanleylucasrevolution albums and in 2007 released a 'Greatest Hits' compilation...
stanleylucasrevolution Blog
"Greatest Hits" Reviewed by Xavier P. for RadioIndy
POSTED BY: xavierpersad POSTED ON: 07 Jun 2007 01:17 PM
“Greatest Hits” by stanleylucasrevolution is an innovative and compelling assembly of tracks that cross a number of genres. Ranging in tempo and style, every song on this collection has its own vibrant personality, defined by unprecedented creativity. “Gods Don’t Worry” and “So Sorry Now,” two of the more upbeat tracks on the CD, stand out as fun, high-energy adult rock anthems with a catchy beat. Perhaps the most noteworthy element of this assembly is the strategic use of vocal reverb and delay effects, which adds a hypnotic, trace-like feel. Moreover, each song is crafted with solid lyrics that leave a lasting literary and emotional impression. Completing the pack is top-quality production that allows the merit of these tunes to shine through. “Greatest Hits” by stanleylucasrevolution is sure to entice fans of both adult rock and electronica, leaving an unquenchable thirst for more.
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy
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