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taylorshoch from Tennessee Nashville
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Ever been on a motorcycle and a bug went down your throat? Well, Taylor’s music isn’t like that. Rather, it’s like sitting back on a sweet ride with music piped into your helmet as you cruise down the highway called life. You may even recognize some of what Taylor sings about, because the most frequent quote at her shows is: “Did you write that song about my life?!”

Where once her guitar gathered dust as she sat for years in a wheelchair, now that wheelchair gathers dust. She's a walking, singing, songwriter again, kind of Out of the Blue, which by the way is the name of her new album. 

In a time when bands try to get their foot in the door by playing a few originals among hours of cover songs, Taylor has made a name for herself doing just the opposite: forty to fifty original songs a night with a few cover songs thrown in here and there.

She's been spotlighted in regional songwriters' showcases and has played in venues in the southeastern US as well as in Colorado and California. Her lyrics have been described as poetry that is direct and uncompromising, and at the same time, hauntingly familiar. Her music wraps around her lyrics, creating a symmetry of sound that emphasizes the emotions and themes of her songs.

In an in-depth interview with Brad Posey of WLRH 89.3 Huntsville, Alabama, featuring music from Out of the Blue, Brad said, “Taylor is a prolific songwriter, top notch, with great songs…Out of the Blue is an eclectic album—some great singer/songwriter stuff, great finger-picking, boogie-woogie, blues, little bit of country and some great rock and roll…absolute poetry put to music” His favorite from the album is “So You Run”, but “Yesterday’s Epiphany” struck a chord with him—“it’s timeless and there’s a great feel to it.”

Producer Jerry Masters: “I was standing behind you listening to your songs and you absolutely blew my socks off! I believe in your music.”

Big Joe Shelton: “Taylor has an insight into life and the myriad of positive and negative issues involved with living it with the rare ability to poetically express those observations in her lyrics. Rock on my sista!” 

Remember her name and give her a listen, that's Taylor S. Hoch: Songwriter, Singer, Musician! Thanks, and hope you have a great day filled with great music!

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